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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 21, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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let me finish tonight with this. there are some very good signs from israel. it looks like the president, the prime minister of israel are on the same page now, both agree we can't let iran get nuclear weapons. both agree iran hasn't decided whether to build one. both agree it will take another year to build nuclear weapons once the government in iran decides to go in that direction. so i've got good hope now, new hope on a number of grounds, one, the two countries are in agreement. two, this means that they will see the united states ready to strike should they decide to build a nuclear bomb. why? because there's no reason for this trip to israel this week unless obama was ready to do just that. they pounded out a serious agreement between the two
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courts, the u.s. and israel. the people of the united states are not the obama audience. the best result is over the other side, over in tehran. they get to see how serious we are. they build a weapon, we come at them. if they know that now, it could change everything. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, don't believe the hype. all the gops talk about change is just that. talk. a bunch of hot air. today, almost every single republican in the house voted for paul ryan's budget. the budget that would lower taxes for the rich, cut programs for the poor, and end medicare as we know it. it's unbelievable just three days ago the rnc rolled oh ut a
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plan to reboot the party, claiming that they will change the public's view that they only care about the rich. >> the perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately, continues to grow. that's frustrating. we want to lift people up from poverty. >> lift people up out of poverty? really? what about voting for ryan's budget today, republicans endorsed a plan to give every millionaire in the country a $200,000 tax cut. while slashing the safety net for the poor. doesn't sound like change to me. republicans claim they want to expand the big tent of the party. >> no words in telling us that we have to be more inclusive. i agree. >> more inclusive? really? than why did a leading gop senator say this when asked about marriage equality?
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quote, i'm not guy so i'm not going to marry one. doesn't sound like change to me. republicans claim they are going to reach out to groups they lost in the election. >> we have to do a lot better job and do a lot more to make up ground in minority communities with women and young voters. the rnc cannot and will not write off any demographic community or region of this country. >> make up ground with women in minorities? really? then why did the republicans in arkansas ran through a new voter i.d. bill to suppress the minority vote? why do they poise the ban all in a state, a state that has the most restrictive laws in the country? during the election, president obama promised change we can believe in and he's delivering.
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republicans promise change, too. but nobody believes in it, least of all the republicans. joining me now are krystal ball and joan walsh. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having us, reverend. >> do the republicans not notice their rhetoric, that it doesn't mesh with their reality? >> i don't know, to be honest with you. because on the one hand, they see the demographic trends. the rnc conducted an autopsy of their dead party. we know that there's a problem. >> we call it a flawtopsy. >> on the other hand, it would really upset their base on gay marriage, even as 58% of americans accept gay marriage, the base of the republican party is in this very different place. so they don't know how to make that movement without upsetting their base, which is why you saw after that autopsy, which did make some comments about young
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people needing to see that the republican party was more open on issues of equality for the lgbt community, even in that press conference right afterwards reince priebus says our principles are the same. we don't need to change anything there. >> now, joan, it's almost like they all agree on they don't like the president or they don't like this or that and they start falling apart in this political civil war when they have to talk about what they do agree on and i think that part of their problem is that they are against everything but can't say what they are for. i think nancy pelosi articulated it best. listen to this when they just rapid fire gave out what the republicans in congress are doing. >> clean water, public safety, public education, public transportation, public housing, public health, medicare, medicaid, social security, it
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just keeps on unraveling and unraveling and that's their point. >> she keeps talking about what they are against but are they for anything and can they all agree with it? >> they are obviously for big, big tax cuts, reverend al, and they are for cutting programs in the middle class. they've shown that time and time again. it's clear that the autopsy, which is what you do on a dead body, so that's interesting, is a farce. it's a complete farce. they are saying, okay, we want the votes of young people, african-americans, women, even gays, but we're not going to change our policies to attract you. we're not going to be anything different that will tell you why you should vote for us. so it's a rebranding without any meaning and it's just gotten the party -- i mean, it's gotten the fighting with one of another, are you leaving us out, and reince priebus having to
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backtrack immediately saying, no, marriage is one man, one woman. they can't change the substance. they think they can change the tone but they can't even change the tone. >> now, krystal, when you look at the fact in the autopsy, they want to move, they say, past 47%, past makers and takers mentality. they say, quote, the republican party must be the champion of those who seek to climb the economic ladder of life. we must make sure that the government works for those truly in need. how does that square with the ryan budget that shreds the safety net? >> that's exactly it. it's fine to say those words. we're going to be the party of the people. but what does that actually mean to them? they have no idea. you know, paul ryan wanted to come out and talk about poverty and income and equality on the campaign trail but what solutions do they have to offer? they haven't thought about it. they've got nothing there.
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so just taking the rhetoric out of it. granted, that's just a start. start off by not defending half the country but you have to offer some solutions to back that up. and that's the other piece that was wholly absent from the autopsy. this is a party that has become divorced from any sort of science or research or data and if they are going to win back the trust of the american people, if they are going to come up with anything that offer as real solution to the country's problems, they have to show that what they want to do squares with creating positive results in some sort of a meaningful way. >> but that's the point that i'm making. i'm not even saying, become like those of us that disagree with you. >> right. >> but show me your plan that comes to a result. >> right. >> that will help eradicate poverty, or help african-americans or latinos or women. >> there's no real evidence. >> but give me your way and tell me why it would lodgely do that. i mean, you look at roll call,
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the stewart rothenberg. he wrote an article about the gop, joan, and he told me this. i recently asked a smart veteran republican pollster what his party could do to turn his party around in the near future and his response was refreshingly honest. nothing. the republican brand will improve, he continued, only when the president screws up. hope the president screws up? i mean, that's the political strategy? doesn't sound like much of a national agenda to me. >> it goes right back to the leader of the republican party, rush limbaugh and what he said on the eve of the president's first inauguration, reverend al. he said, i hope he fails. and that has been their strategy and when the president has had hard times, they kind of come back and when he does a good job, which is what he mostly does, they are in big trouble. they sit around hoping that the economy gets worse. it's too late now because the president got reelected
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overwhelmingly, they did everything in their power just hoping that the american people would say, hey, 8% unemployment, we can't rehire this guy but we did and their strategy didn't work, even though they are not going to be running against this man again, they still think that opposition to the president as well as hits party and what we believe in, but particularly the president, is the glue that holds them together and is going to help them win elections. >> i don't remember if you remember the stockton, he brought ted nugent to the -- >> yeah. >> krystal, he tweeted out, the best thing about the earth is if you put holes in it, oil and gas come out. how is that for kinder and
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gentler? he actually tweeted this. >> and that's part of the problem. if you have any concern about the environment, if if you have any concern about climate change, are you going to look to someone that's a party that's saying things like that? that's not offering any solutions and i think that's part of the problem. cap and trade, which has been thoroughly demonized, that was a conservative idea. that's a market-based approach to dealing with climate change. democrats have adopted some of these goods, market-based things that they used to do. if they are going to be an effective party and opposition, they have to offer nuance responses. it's worked for them a while but now that well has run dry, so to speak. >> and i think joan made a very good point. usually they take an autopsy after you've been pronounced dead. they don't usually take 5 autopsies while you're still alive. >> that's not a good sign.
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>> they need a political resurrection, not change. >> that's right. >> thank you for your time. check "the cycle" at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. ahead, hey, republicans, if you do unpopular things, you become unpopular. wait until you see what happened today on that. plus, three years later and tea partyiers are still trying to appeal obama care but the cause is losing steam. and sarah palin is back. no, not that one. the funny one. >> your views on gun laws or wolves changed at all? >> you know, jimmy, i believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores. >> what happens when leaders become a punch line .
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we have breaking news in the fight for gun control. senate majority leader harry reid has announced that he will in the main gun bill headed to the senate floor include safety bill that requires background check for all gun buyers, make gun trafficking a federal crime, and help schools upgrade their security. those are all key proposals that are long overdue, especially the background checks. that's key. but some critical measures have been left out. the assault weapons ban, limit on high-capacity imagimagazines new mental health bills have all been dropped. though they still get voted on as amendments, they won't be in the main bill. when those votes come, we'll
3:17 pm
need our lawmakers to do the right thing and show political courage. that's what vice president's message was today when he appeared with new york mayor michael bloomberg and relatives of newtown, connecticut. at one point, he spoke directly to the parents of a teacher who lost her life trying to protect her students. >> think about newtown. think about newtown. think about how many of these children or teachers may be alive today had he had to reload three times as many times as he did. for all those who say the politics is too hard, how can they say that? when you take a look at those 20 beautiful babies and what happened to them. and those six teachers and administrators. it's time for the political establishment to show the courage your daughter showed. and it doesn't take one-tenth
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the courage. >> courage. if we just give up the assault weapons ban, do you think the pro gun lobby will start there? not a bit. they will go for background checks and gun trafficking and purchases. the nra and their crohnies on capitol hill will try to cut any gun law americans want, unless we fight. that's what we must do. tion. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda. [ both ] ugh! when it came to our plants... we were so confused. how much is too much water? too little? until we got miracle-gro moisture control. it does what basic soils don't by absorbing more water, so it's there when plants need it. yeah, they're bigger and more beautiful. guaranteed. in pots. in the ground. in a ukulele. are you kidding me? that was my idea. with the right soil... everyone grows with miracle-gro. governor of getting it done.
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their would-be saviours. a new poll shows former florida governor jeb bush losing in a 2016 matchup with hillary clinton in his home state. hillary beating jeb in florida. that's amazing. and there's more. marco rubio, the republican's break-out star of the year, loses to hillary, too. he's trailing by 11 points. both would get pounced on their home turf. this is the political fallout. it rubs off on their candidates. joining me now is ed rendell, former pennsylvania governor, and susan milligan, thank you both for your time. >> absolutely. >> my pleasure. >> ed, hillary clinton beats
3:21 pm
both jeb bush and marco rubio in their home state? is it panic time for the republicans? >> sure. because she just didn't beat him in a poll last month. she beat him by two or three points. now she's beating him by 11 points. and these are the two florida superstars. and worse, marco rubio has fallen down to 21. that's happened in a short period of time. they both waffled on path to citizenship and, again, it's part of the gun stuff and part of the whole negativity of the republican party and this party's go the to understand, it's not the way they deliver the message. it's not the message, it's the policies. unless they change their policy, they are not going to be able to be successful.
3:22 pm
>> amazing. >> let's go to another part of the poll. you have florida governor charlie crist who is now democrat ahead of the current sitting gop governor rick scott. christ, 50%. scott, 34%. now christ is beating the current governor in office. >> that's the problem that the republican party is having and how divided it is. you've got the establishment doing this study which i read cover to cover and i thought it was slept, really got at what their problems were. basically, people think that they are mean, stuffy old men who only care about rich people. that's a big problem to go into in 2016 so there's a marco rubio type who might attract the tea
3:23 pm
party element, the cpac element, and jeb bush who might attract an establishment type. that's not going to be enough to win a popular election. i also don't think with hillary that she has grown tremendously as a candidate. you look back at 1992 when she got beat up for saying i'm not sitting here like tammy wynett, standing by my man, and then she got beaten up for hillary care and that failed. you saw her blossom as a senator, run for president and unlike other failed presidential candidates, she didn't retreat. she actually grew even more. i think that her gravitas has
3:24 pm
grown tremendously. >> hillary has established a the lo of credibility but when you look at the damage that they've done to the republican brand, that's why i showed what crist would do against the sitting government, rick scott. christie's approval rating is 74%. mind you, ed, christie also embraced president obama so his approval rating soared. how can republicans escape the drag created by the poor brand of their party? >> well, rev, it's pretty easy. they've got a path to citizenship and that may take off some on the far right but so be be it. they are leaders and say unequivocally, we're for a path for citizenship. we'll work on the details but let's be clear, we think that that's the right thing for this country. it's traditionally the way we've always done it.
3:25 pm
we think it's the right thing. they've got to send a message to women that pro choice republicans are welcome in their party, that we're going to have -- >> first, they have to be welcomed. >> number one. and number two, even if you're pro life, you've got to be for exceptions for incest and rape and health of the mother. they've got to start reaching out. they can't attack planned parenthood. 90% of what planned parent hood does has nothing to do with adorgss. in fact, it's trying to prevent abortions by family counseling. they've got to take logical positions on issues. until they do that, all of the packaging, all of the rhetorics, all of the studies are meaningless. >> susen sa, even when jeb bush tried to do that with immigration, look at the pushback that he got. and today karl rove wrote a piece in "the wall street journal." he said this. "understanding that today's technology has the shelf life of a banana, silicon valley
3:26 pm
republicans are working to modernize the gop's voter file in advance of next year's midterm." he didn't right anything about modernizing the gop policies, just their list of voters. >> well, this is going to be their problem, too. because the tea party element is that they don't think strategically. otherwise, they would have control of the senate right now. they lost colorado, denver, nevada, and they are not thinking strategically and really don't care if the republican wins so much as whether the republican keeps to their very hardcore view of issues like immigration. and like abortion and other things like that. but the party -- when you you talked about abortion, the party has a lot more repairing to do. there are a lot of women who are anti-abortion. it was a contraception argument. the insults that came from members of the party and the people who didn't distance
3:27 pm
themselves. you cannot insult people and inspect them to vote for you. somebody latino may not agree with you but might vote for you but you cannot personally insult them and expect them to vote for you. you can't tell women that they can't get pregnant from a legitimate rape. >> what they've done with women and latinos, african-americans, are things that have united even those differences in those groups. it's united those groups. >> thank you both for your time tonight. >> great to be here. >> have a good night, rev. >> ahead, on obama's third birthday, the tea partyiers are celebrating the same way they did three years ago. amazing. and tonight, nice try but we got you segment, bill o'reilly slams the bogus right-wing attacks against the president. yes, you heard it. that's right. next. hey, our salads.
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3:32 pm
movie workers and a dog walker. the fact checker called bachmann's claims absurd. one right winger agrees. >> michele bachmann said it's long past to cut the nonsense and look at things clearly. michele bachmann actually trivializes it as a huge problem and irresponsible spending by the federal government. two words, not good. >> okay, everyone. i'll let you set your dvrs and tivos. are you ready? bill o'reilly is right. i agree with bill. this is another trivial pursuit. it's not about policy. it's another silly personal attack like all the ones we've become used to. whether it's claiming the
3:33 pm
president wasn't born in this country or that he didn't really go skeet shooting or attacking his lavish vacations where he grew up or for presenting the first lady an award at the oscar's or for slamming him for filling out ncaa brackets. bill was right. but i wonder if he told his colleagues that these attacks were a waste of time? >> the misplaced priorities of our celebrity president were on full display yet again. >> tonight, presidential priorities, basketball or budget. >> president obama took time out of his busy schedule to fill out the march madness brackets. he continues to break the law, he fails to submit the budget. >> getting the brackets done by not the budget for us. are you as outraged or is it not a big deal? >> i guess o'reilly's colleagues missed his show last night.
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. three years ago today the house passed the affordable care act into law and at the same time something else took on a new life. the tea party. the weekend of the vote, tea party protesters spat on a member of the congressional black caucus. congressman john lewis was greeted with racial slurs. they heckled congressman barney frank with anti-gay chants but democrats were undeterred by this tea party furor. they marched on to make history and sign health care into law. minutes after they did so, tea party hero michele bachmann vowed to tear the law down. >> going to get every republican to sign it and anybody else.
3:38 pm
if we get 218 signatures, nancy pelosi is forced to bring the repeal bill to the floor for a vote. >> so that was then. the this was today, three years later. >> that's why we're here. because we're saying, let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that. let's love people. let's care about people. let's repeal it now while we can. >> let's repeal it. led by tea party gop has tried 36 times to take an ax to health care, today included. but guess what, the law is here to stay and the tea party, well, these days its bark is a lot worse than its bite.
3:39 pm
it turns out the caucus hasn't met since july of last year. one member says, quote, to say we haven't been real active is an understatement. we haven't done anything. well, i wouldn't say you haven't done anything. you just haven't done anything of substance. the joining me now are jimmy williams and victoria de francesco soto. thank you for being with me tonight. >> jimmy, i'll start with you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> us did the tea party think -- let me ask you, do they really think railing against health care will bring mack the momentum they used to have? >> you can keep putting your finger on the stove and -- after 36 times you've ran out of fingers. i don't think the tea party actually with south carolina,
3:40 pm
they did a poll in february, 6% approval rating. the i'm sorry. 6% of south carolinans and one in ten republicans in south carolina, this is a home of the gaston flag, the flag that they've flown for three years now, saying don't tread on me. apparently they forgot no one was treading on them. the hotbed of the tea party nation, if they aren't getting an approval rating, if you will, what is happening with the rest of the country? they have failed to appeal obama care. it's not going to matter. by the way, the supreme court said so. >> victoria, you're in texas? >> another prime spot. >> you look at the fact that tea party express endorsed 16 senate candidates in 2012, only had 60
3:41 pm
members and lost ten members in 2012. they are weakening, weakening, weakening. >> there is no reason for the tea party to exist anymore. let's think back to 2010. why did the tea party exist? they wanted to boot out barack obama. >> they won big. >> the devil's in the detail, and there's differences there. and there's no longer there. you're seeing a fissure in the republican party between those folks and you're starting to see the states work and we're at th state level saying give.
3:42 pm
>> even some members of the right are agreeing that repeal of a medicare is a losing cause. look at this, joan. >> are you saying that as part of your budget you would repeal your budget of obama care. ryan is saying that his budget is to eliminate obama care. >> i raised the same point yesterday. i think that you're exactly right. >> they are not liberals and hair on fire routine over and over again maybe they ought to listen to their own people. victoria is right, there is a massive i guess family desemblance going on in the
3:43 pm
republican party right now. i've always said there's no such thing as a tea party. it doesn't exist. when you go to the voting boot, it says dr. there's no tp. the tea party doesn't exist. it's the republican party. they have to own their own people. >> and to own it is to do something about it. in fact, if you look at what senator jeff sessions argued, victoria, that obama care is destroying our health care system and took issue with the notion that our health care system isn't the greatest in the world. take a listen to this. >> and for people to say our health care isn't the best in the word, why do people come here from all over the world? that is one of the most horrible things i've ever heard around here. so we've got people that die
3:44 pm
sooner than some other countries. well, we have a lot of things. we have obesity. we have more smoking. we have less people taking care of themselves sometimes. that doesn't mean our health care isn't good. >> 40 million people uninsured? you know, so what we die -- i mean, you can't obviously say with a straight face, so what we die earlier than some people. we have obesity. i mean, what is he talking about? anything rather than to give health care for everyone and to open it up for all americans? that's how they argue? >> and the irony here is that we're still paying for health care. so in a state like texas where rick perry is standing strong, i'm still paying for the uninsured. if you walk into a hospital without insurance, the county taxpayers are going to pay for it. we're going to pay for it ultimately. so why not do it smarter? do it through the medicaid expansion. also, it speaks to that state's
3:45 pm
right mentality. once you get the medicaid dollars, you can implement it in different ways. >> peter, victoria, thank you for your time this evening. and remember, this is the third anniversary of the passing of the bill and we're celebrating here tonight. that's why we brought you on, jimmy. you even did the "politicsnation" dress code. >> ahead, president obama brings a message of change and hope to israel. it was vintage obama and a speech to remember. but first, the week of republican rebranding has become a week of punch lines. stay with us.
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it was supposed to be a rebranding week for the republicans. instead, they became a joke again. sarah palin was stealing headlines. she's back. and so was that other famous sarah. you know, that funny one. >> served only half a term. so what's the right term of to
3:50 pm
address? >> i tell you, i don't know. i'm a half governor or you could call me a maverick at large. >> i know that you're very fond of shooting wolves from a helicopter. which is understandable enough. have your views on gun laws or wolves changed at all? >> you know, jimmy, i believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores. >> same-sex marriage, what is your view on that? >> well, the bible says it's gross and the amazing wonderful people i met in the audience at "dancing with the stars" seem to feel that way. >> right. >> but no, marriage is meant for
3:51 pm
people who where different kinds of swim suits. >> good to have you back, half governor. we and the comedians are loving it. let me bring in comedian and tv personality chuck nice. does it get any better than sarah palin for comedians? >> no, it doesn't. she's the gift that keeps on giving. you can actually hear sarah palin say these things. it's not like it's absurd and it's because she keeps doing this. it's like bills cou cosby showi. >> i can't get enough of tina fey doing sarah palin. >> what does a woman like you
3:52 pm
make her way through a man's world? >> i don't think of it as a man's world or women's world, unless we're talking about marriage. but i think about it as people being mavericks or not being mavericks. >> may i just have one more? >> okay then. but you know, sometimes people ask me stuff when i don't answer it anyways, so go ahead. that's a slippery one. >> what do you think of tina fey's portrayal of you? >> it's the best one i never watched. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> you know, chuck, since the gop came out with this autopsy, it's opened the door to come mean genera comedians taking all kinds of shots. >> the republican party now has outlined a plan to attract
3:53 pm
minorities. show the newest ad. >> get ready for america, for a brand-new republican party. we've changed our position on just about everything. we've decided that we're a-okay with same-sex marriages. in fact, we'll even pay are to the honeymoon. lastly, we'll not only embrace immigrants, we'll install a moving sidewalk on the border. >> republicans lost the presidential election. the republicans thought they were going to win the presidential election and now they are just being cry babies. so one said, let's get a study. let's spend a couple of million dollars on a study and we'll find out -- because we don't think it's us -- but let's find out what the problem was and why we lost. people think the republicans are old, white guys. >> that's it right there. >> 100 pages. it took them 100. >> that's funny. and you know the thing that
3:54 pm
makes this kind of sad is that it's so funny because it's so true. you know, that's the old adage. it's funny because it's the case. the republicans are in a state of denial. they are looking at everythinging exceeverything except themselves. forget about that and the lighter. why does my house keep burning down. >> well , isn't that part of wht makes political comedy funny, to refer to things that are basically true? i don't think when you're dealing with politics that it would be funny if they are not dealing with core items that are true. >> absolutely. when you look at sarah palin right now on the screen, she literally is doing tina fey. it's not -- >> right. >> she's doing an impression of tina fey doing sarah palin. >> because if tina fey was way off from what sarah palin has been shown to be part of a
3:55 pm
personality or possibly part of it -- >> right. >> -- then people would be offended in saying that you trivialize it or insulting a national figure. the fact that they can do it and there's that foundation of truth there is what makes it funny. >> that is what makes it funny because it's not so far off base. it's not absurdity. it's not like, what are the heck that people are talking about? it's not slandering in any way, shape, or form? and that's what make it is so sad. >> chuck nice, thank you for being with us tonight. >> pleasure. ahead, a defining moment in presidency. talking change in israel. what a response. next. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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today, president obama continued his historic trip to israel ending the dinner with an estate dinner with perez. perez awarded president obama the distinction of the highest civilian award and a ceremony president obama proposed a toast. using the relaxed humor he's displayed throughout the trip. >> since i've started to get pretty good at hebrew, let me propose a toast, even though you've taken away my wine. so a toast -- [ speaking